RoadworX is a collection of my previously published literary work.  Several of the included pieces have received recognition of some kind, either through awards or in the case of scripts, have been performed for public audiences.  The work spans a… Read More ›

The Man on the Moon

This story, originally conceived a few years after the ‘first’ Gulf War, was inspired by the technological sophistication of the weaponry and surveillance systems used by the United States and its allies in that conflict. George W. Bush, ‘9/11’ and… Read More ›

Rob’s Blog

I want to tell you a story. It’s my story.

It began a long time ago, longer ago than I can remember.  It goes back to the roots of myself, to the heroes and heroines of my family’s collective memory.

You’ll meet some of those people here.  You’ll meet a lot of others too, characters I’ve come across along the way.

My story isn’t finished yet.  I don’t know when it will finish or if it ever will.  Maybe I’m just a part of it.

It’s a love story, for in the end everything comes down to that. Our lives are judged by how much they are guided by love.  That’s what connects us.  That’s the echo we leave behind.