Original Songs – Lyrics and Chords

Song-writing is a strange thing.  Some songs come together in a few minutes or hours; others take years to develop.  I’ve included here some that have reached the stage of being performable, and for which I’ve got written lyrics and chords.  The vintage of the material varies, but these have stood the test of time.

Original Music CDs
Power-play-CD-FrontPower Play: a musical parody

Are our elected leaders shapers of destiny or merely its instruments? Are they heroes, villains or buffoons – or perhaps all three?  Are they the stuff of tragedy or farce?

A satirical but thought-provoking insight into the world of contemporary Australian politics, Power Play confronts us with new perspectives, and challenges us to ask some fundamental questions about our society and the people who run it.

The vocal guide sound track to ‘Power Play’, a musical retrospective on the period of Julia Gillard’s prime ministership.  The play had a short but very successful season in Bellingen, NSW in late 2014.

The songs from ‘Power Play’ can be heard by selecting from the playlist on the right of this page.

© Rob Simpson 2014. Lyrics by Rob Simpson. Musical Arrangement: Jethro Farquarson, Glenys Page, Rob Simpson. Wayne Hutchinson’s brilliant audiovisual projections using photographic images from the period were an important part of the production.


This CD is a collection of ten original songs.  The songs, written over a number of years, draw on impressions and experiences of a vagrant life.

From the chillingly prophetic Citadels of Glass, written a decade before 9/11, to the rap number Time is a Gypsy, from the rock blues Fighting Fire with Fire to The Flesh is Weak, a tribute to my recently deceased brother, the music crosses different genres, drawing on the myriad impressions and experiences of a vagrant life.

Recorded and Produced by Oceanway Productions, Moonee Beach, NSW Australia.  Additional Music: Jethro Farquarson (Bass), Martin Van Velewen (Synthesizer, drum, backing vocals). Copyright R. Simpson 2013.  All Rights Reserved

The songs from ‘Vagabond’ can be heard by selecting from the playlist on the right of this page.

*Lyrics to “When You Are Old” from W.B Yeats’ poem of the same name.

Troubadour CoverTroubadour

This second CD of Rob’s original songs reflects on his long experience of a vagrant life as an itinerant performer, social and environmental activist and lover of life.

From the pumping power of Breaking Up Blues to the biting satire of The Bellingen Bubble to the wistful melodic tones of The Music of Flowers, the collection floats seamlessly across genres to produce an impression of deep, soulful musicality.

Additional Music: Glenys Page (Backing vocals and bass), Marie Mellon (Mandolin), Martin Valuwen (Synthesizer) Recorded and Produced by Oceanway Productions, Moonee Beach, NSW Australia.

Other Song Recordings

These are original songs that I’ve recently recorded.  The lyrics and chords for these songs are available from the list above.

You can listen to the tracks by selecting from the “Other Songs” playlist on the right of this page

Come Away – contributing musicians Julie and Wayne Hutchinson

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