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Rob’s interest in theatre began in the mid-1970’s, when he taught English and Drama at a small multicultural high school in northern New Zealand, where he produced Taniwha, a play for students on the history of Maori-European relations. When he returned to Australia he took up a position as a director with the Shopfront Theatre, Sydney, working mainly with young people and unemployed youth. He subsequently pursued this role as a freelance director, producing experiential plays with unemployed, Indigenous and other disadvantaged groups throughout NSW. He has directed and produced prize-winning plays in the TAFE and school environments, and as a Community Arts Officer, helped to develop a strong performing arts base in Orange. One of his short plays, Why Ronald McDonald Must Die, featured in the inaugural Short and Sweet drama festival. Rob now lives in the Bellingen area, where he continues his interest in performing arts. His latest creation, Power Play, combines his love of music and theatre into a musical parody set around the events of Julia Gillard’s Prime Ministership.